Hi guys! Last week I went on a trip to Hamburg with Rebelle, a super awesome preloved designer website. Just a few weeks earlier, I attended a dinner to celebrate the Dutch version of the Rebelle website here in Amsterdam so I was quite thrilled to be going to Hamburg to shoot something uber cool with them. The results of the shoot will be live pretty soon, I can’t wait to share the images! Prior to the shoot we enjoyed a fun day in Hamburg where the CEO’s of Rebelle, Cecile and Max, who are super lovely welcomed us at their headquarters where we got an amazing tour and got a little class on how to tell what a fake and real designer bag looks like. We got examples from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and some other brands. I enjoyed it so much that ever since I got back I’ve been reading more and more about this, I feel like a little Sherlock Holmes now. At night we enjoyed a super cosy dinner and the next day we all had to wake up early for our big shoot.

I thought that in anticipation of sharing the results of the shoot it would be fun to share some backstage images of our shooting day. Besides me there was an Italian, Swedish and German blogger who were all super lovely. Australian photographer Candice Lake shot are campaign and we all had a lot of fun. Also a special thanks to Marie from Rebelle for being the BEST host and making this trip so fun. Hope you all like these shots! X



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