Happy Monday guys! Hope you all had a good weekend! Mine has been pretty nice, I got to spend some quality time with baby Olivia which is always the best of course. One thing that changed big time over the last weeks is that I had to change my lifestyle a bit and had to become more of a morning person as babies are usually not huge fans of sleeping in. Because I’m waking up so much earlier than I used to I decided to come up with a super cozy morning rituals and ever since getting my routine going I’m living for those early mornings. A typical morning now looks like this:

1. Waking up with the biggest smile and cuddling with baby Olivia.

2. Going downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee, I’ve always been a huge fan of coffee but since my mornings are starting early I can’t even describe how good my coffees have been tasting lately :-).

3. Open my e-mail on my phone and read my favorite newsletter from the Newsette. I discovered this awesome newsletter service not so long ago and have been addicted ever since! I love, love morning reads and this easy to read mini magazine full of tips, style files and Instagram inspiration is one of the best ways to start the day while sipping your morning coffee! It’s super easy to subscribe, just click here, fill in your e-mail and you’re all set.

Another thing I am soo excited about to share is that I’ve made a guide in collaboration with the Newsette featuring my four favorite cities and my favorite places to go to. So, subscribe and read all about it this coming month, it’s going to be so fun!

Now tell me what you guys love to do in the morning and if you do subscribe, or already know about the Newsette, let me know what you think! Hugs.

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