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Hey guys! Hope you’re all having a great week! Thanks so much for all your amazing comments on my previous post!

Today’s post is all about nails because nothing makes me feel as ‘put together’ as having perfectly manicured nails. Recently I also started to get nail art every now and then (maybe you guys have seen this on my insta?). So today I wanted to share a bit more about how I get my nails summerproof with Sally Hansen. Most of you guys already know about the Miracle Gel they make, it’s basically gel laque without lights. Perfect for busy bees like me (and new moms) who don’t have time to go to the salon, but also don’t want to fix their chipped nails every single day.

I noticed some girls commented on my Instagram that they still get chipped nails, I used to get that as well but I found out the perfect routine on how to keep the Miracle Gel on for days! So here we go:

1. Start of with a little manicure, I never knew that your nail polish lasts longer when you have healthy nails. I always press my cuticles back for instance and take Vitamine B to maintain strong nails.

2. When using the Miracle Gel from Sally Hansen make sure to put on two thin layers of color gel and to let it dry for a bit before you put on the top coat and than wait a little until they’re dry again.

3. If you’re nails are almost dry after step 2 you can put your nails under cold water to fasten the process even more.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! PS: In this post I’m wearing color 240 (B Girl) on my nails! Hugs!


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