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I don’t even know where to start or how to tell you about the story of our love. It happened and came at me like I was hit by a truck, completely blown away, about 5 years ago. Back then I would’ve never imagined the way life would plan out, that we would have a beautiful baby daughter by now and would have traveled the world so many times together, but I did already knew one thing back then: this was the one.

He makes me smile every single day, makes me a better person, and truly completes me.

When we got invited to go to Paris together to capture our love story we said yes, without having to think one split second. As you know my boyfriend Sander is a DJ so is always traveling and especially since baby Olivia is here we’ve had some conflicting schedules, it was more than wonderful that for once we could be together in the city of love to celebrate our love. The big reason for this was to celebrate the most fabulous new YSL parfum called: ‘Mon Paris’. It has the perfect kind of sweetness, the kind of sweetness I was craving for, for so long, until the story of our love started. It’s a classic scent without being over the top, it has all the ingredients I wish for in a scent and I will spray it on as long as possible, because of the smell and to remember this trip, because the memories scents bring are just enchanting.

Photography by Vivian Hoorn

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