Hey guys! So happy to post here again! I know, it’s been a little while but I’m back. Back fore good. As most of you know if you follow me on Instagram/Youtube, you will probably already know that I’ve been in the States these past two month. Next to mainly staying in Los Angeles and New York we traveled a ton and I can’t wait to share everything we’ve done plus some tips articles and hotspots lists! Get ready!

Today I wanted to share two of my favorite looks we shot in Los Angeles. The first is very casual, I love wearing leopard print jacket over rock shirts and combine it with cool sneakers. The ones I’m wearing in this first look are Ugg and are so cool and comfy, perfect for upcoming fall. The dog was just a little accessory that fitted the whole ensemble perfectly. Find details on where to shop this look below!

queen-of-jet-lags-ugg-1 queen-of-jet-lags-ugg-2 queen-of-jet-lags-ugg-4 queen-of-jet-lags-ugg-8 queen-of-jet-lags-ugg-collage-1 queen-of-jet-lags-ugg-7 queen-of-jet-lags-ugg-collage-2

For the second look I went for a little festival ‘vibe’. This sheer piece from Ganni is one of my absolute favorites and I combined it with another pair of Ugg boots that I’m obsessed with for fall. I also wore them to the airport the other day and they’re literally the best staple pair of booties. When we saw this white Mustang we just knew we had to take a picture in front of it to complete the look. I created a little blog page on the website of Ugg with a little interview which you can check out here!

I will be back very soon guys! Can’t wait to share some amazing things which I think you all will really like. Here are some details of both of my looks:

Look 1: T-Shirt: Missguided Jacket: Ganni Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger Shoes: Ugg
Sunnies: found in Venice in a random store Dog: borrowed

Look 2:Β Dress: Ganni Boots: Ugg Bag: Louis Vuitton Car: in my dreams

queen-of-jet-lags-ugg-13 queen-of-jet-lags-ugg-16 queen-of-jet-lags-ugg-collage-3


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