Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw a picture or two from this awesome location but I still wanted to tell you the story of how we got here!

So as you know we travel all around and usually go from A to B by plane but also jump into the car for a fun roadtrip from time to time. We’ve done so many road trips over the past years in Florida, California, Arizona, Texas etc and always had a blast so when we were in New York we decided to drive to Chicago for a show of my boyfriend. One thing we found out is that driving in the state of New York is boring AF so it’s probably something we never do again. We broke our trip from Chicago to New York for a night in Cleveland which is literally the most boring place on planet earth ;-). But I was Pinteresting Cleveland to find cute spots which I thought would be impossible until these three pink chimneys popped up in my feed. I was determined and I to find it!

We drove around a little and as Cleveland is not too big we ended up finding it pretty quickly (also because of the humongous size of these three). They are actually part of a chocolate store where we bought literally one of the best chocolate pretzels I’ve ever had in my life! So there you go, long story short! These pics are definitely high up in my favorite list of the summer! I’ll be back tomorrow guys, hugs!

Dress: Asos Bag: Gucci Boots: Mango


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