Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! I was home alone with baby Olivia as Sander was playing three shows in Brazil and is coming home today. He’s only here for a couple of days before he goes back to Argentina and the States and I have to go to London, Milan, Ibiza and Paris this month so lots of separation. I’m not really looking forward to it to be honest, after spending the complete summer all together, we truly had the beeeest time! I’m so happy we took a gazillion pictures that I will probably all put into a big summer of 2016 album in stead of just leaving them on the computer ;-).

I definitely need to print some pictures from the trip we did to Palm Springs. Like always we stayed at the Parker, my number one favorite hotel probably in the entire world (which is a big statement considering I’ve been spend more nights at hotels than at home the last six years)! This was our first time with baby Olivia and it was so fun, we went into the pool with her every day and as the hotel has so many outdoor places we spend the entire days outside! Amazing memories <3

Swimsuit: She Made Me   Hat: Lack of Color


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