About me

Noor de Groot Queen of Jet Lags

You could see the Queen Of Jet Lags, or Miss Noor De Groot as her passport states, running from one gate to the other on your next visit to an airport anywhere in the world. She will be the blond, slightly un-organised bundle of energy that will leave you wondering, who is that girl? To give the world a bigger glimpse than these ‘go go, rush rush‘ impressions she decided to share these moments more in depth and give the world a little peak inside the life and times of a girl on the move: Queen of Jet Lags was born. 

She started ‘Queen of Jet Lags’ in 2013 after graduating Museum Studies at the Amsterdam University,  her home base, or the place where she automatically connects to the internet as she likes to candidly point out.

Why did she start a blog? Because she realized that combining her keen eye on ‘the next big fashion thing’ with her obsessiveness to find ‘the best deal’ would be a great starting point to share her fashion and lifestyle views with the world, combined with a crazy travel itinerary that had been a part of her everyday life for a while and ‘The Queen’ was born.

While you all have been able to follow her fashion stories, her travel do’s and dont’s and her blogging tips and tricks it’s fair to say that she has managed to create one of the most interesting, fun and leading new fashion, lifestyle and travel blogs out of Amsterdam in the shortest of time and the great part: she only just begun.

Traveling the world, she humbly says, has been the single most incredible thing that she has been able to do, sharing it with the world in all it’s glory is simply a dream come true.

So whenever you need a solution or want to be inspired, look no further than what Noor daily shares with the world, she will surely point you in the right direction like a true Queen does.