Spiral staircases

Today, stairs in private houses and apartments (if this is a two-story housing) is not only a means to get from the first floor to the second (as well as back) - but also an important element of the interior. It is worth noting that the staircase in general is a significant element in the style of the interior - if it is, then it immediately attracts attention. This will confirm any interior designer. An unsuccessful staircase can completely spoil the appearance of your home, a well-chosen design will become the highlight of the house.
What determines the quality of the stairs? Everything is determined by what materials were chosen for manufacture. Another important parameter is the design of structures. If the design was competent - the staircase in the house can turn out not only very attractive, but also unique. Specialists today distinguish three types of stairs: spiral, mid-flight, constructions on bolets.
So, what are spiral staircases good for? What can I say about them? These designs attract attention with originality, beauty. Of course, it’s much more convenient to climb and go down the flight of stairs (these are the ones made of wood), but it is the spiral staircase that effectively saves usable space, which is very important in our time. The screw version is an ideal choice for those rooms where it is simply impossible to equip a simple marching design.
Anchorage of steps is a distinctive feature of spiral staircases. They are usually fastened around a special post. Traditionally, this pillar is made of metal. This is not only very practical, but also looks great. The staircase steps themselves are wedge-shaped - and it is customary to install rectangular feet on marching stairs.
The wide side of the steps is attached to the balusters or to the walls, the narrow - to that same metal column. To move around the spiral staircase it was convenient, in the central part of the staircase the width of the steps should be at least 25 cm. The widest part of the step is usually done in the amount of 40 cm - no more.
Spiral staircases are not necessarily made round - square options are also found. The shape of the design depends entirely on what the wishes and tastes of the owner are. In the manufacture of usually use two materials - metal and wood. If the stairs are made of special glass or other material - it is important to accurately perform all the calculations. New 4k movies in Ultra HD 4kmovies download now! Fantastic 4k quality.