The basics of street photography

This Nikon D3200 review will cover several topics, such as lens selection and how to take the perfect photos with the D3200. This article focuses on street photography, as this is a good topic to discuss because most of the information I share here can be used for indoor photography as well.

The Nikon D3200 has been designed to be easy to use, lightweight and portable. In fact, at 5.2lbs including battery and memory card, the camera weighs almost the exact same as the D3000 as the heaviest in the Nikon DSLR series. Its dimensions also are pretty much the same. Despite this, it is very easy to grip and shoot, even for a beginner.

The D3200 does not use any type of image stabilization when shooting images for street photography. It has two modes - one that use optical stabilization and the other is called the automatic mode which relies heavily on the digital processor in the camera. If you do not want to have to worry about the picture taking process then stick with the optical stabilization mode.

Lenses for the D3200 are available in three varieties: standard zoom lenses, telephoto lenses and ultra-telephoto lenses. There are several different options when it comes to lenses such as portrait lenses, landscape lenses and sports lenses.

Standard zoom lenses are great for most situations. They can zoom in very close to your subject without having to move your camera in order to get a clear picture. For instance, if you are taking pictures of a flower, you would just need to hold the camera in front of the flower and snap away. In case you want a closer shot but are not near the flower, you may want to go for the telephoto lenses.

In conclusion, these Nikon D3200 lenses covered the basics of street photography and some of the different lens options you may consider. The lens selection for street photography is pretty limited, but these are some of the types you might want to check out.

I highly recommend that if you would like to buy a camera like the Nikon D3200, you look into some of the more expensive models such as the D90 or the D3200. These are the best cameras for professional photographers and you can spend thousands of dollars on one of these models.

The last thing I would want to say about the camera is that it is very easy to use and take good photographs. It is also a great value because it has a great LCD screen and has decent features.

As you can see, this review covers some of the features of the camera, especially in relation to street photography. This is my opinion, the camera is great value for money.